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ProVision Tools PiViT LadderTool

ProVision Tools PiViT LadderTool

The provision tools PiViT ladder tool is a user-friendly and lightweight ladder leveler that can be set up in seconds. This innovative tool is designed with simplicity in mind and does not have any moving parts, ensuring hassle-free operation.

The PiViT LadderTool serves multiple purposes, functioning as a ladder platform for various challenging scenarios. Whether you need stability on stairs, sloped earth, or even asphalt shingle roofs up to a 7/12 pitch, this versatile tool has got you covered. Its adaptability allows you to use it on almost any uneven surface, providing a secure and level platform for your ladder.

Experience the convenience and reliability of the Original PiViT LadderTool and enjoy enhanced safety and stability during your ladder-related tasks.

• Hundreds or rubber grippers for stability

• The PiViT LadderTool supports up to 500 lbs. (227 kilos), exceeding the ladder's 300lb, 1A duty rating.

• Not for use on metal or tile roofs

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